Send real estate forms in seconds

Easily send, store & share any document

Zero setup required

Send required disclosure forms for e-signature without having to set up templates from any device.

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You'll never want to send forms any other way

Agency forms

Agency disclosure forms for buyers, sellers, landlords and tenants


Lead paint, fair housing, COVID-19 and other miscellaneous disclosures

Custom forms

Easily send custom forms for e-signature and create reusable templates

Easily save and reuse your custom forms

Not only can you send any document for e-signature, but Cribfox lets you easily save any document as a reusable template that you can utilize via our one-click sending process.

Infographic showing step by step process of using the Custom Forms feature of Cribfox

Reusable templates

Easily save your custom forms as templates for one-click sending

Compliance doesn't have to be hard

Cribfox helps real estate teams stay compliant without the grunt work. We’ve set up forms and disclosures required by your state so you can simply send them with the click of a button.


Send frequently used forms in seconds with no set up


Record retention made easy with your forms in one place


Easily share signed forms with agents and customers


Audit trails & unique tamper resistant keys and URLs
Graphic showing what a New York agent user might see in terms of pre-loaded forms on Cribfox, and the ability to create a custom form.

Pre-stocked with the most commonly used forms and agreements for your state of licensure

Automatic regulatory updates

Time is money. So just like we won’t make you upload and prepare disclosure forms for e-signature, we’ll keep an eye out for new regulations and automatically update old forms and add new forms.

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Get started for free


Let us know who you are so we can pre-populate forms with your info


Choose one or more existing contacts or create a new contact


Send form for e-signature already pre-filled for you and the signee
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