Send email blasts

On the go, wherever you are

Your CRM, on steroids

Classify your contacts by tags, which can be anything you can think of. Then search by tag, name or anything else, select all search results, and send an email blast or bulk send one or more forms.


Infinite use cases with tags

Open house follow-ups

Use tags to follow-up with everyone who’s attended an open house for your listings. Example: Open House Attendee

Listing status updates

Offer fell through? Send an email blast to everyone who’s expressed interest about your listing. Example: 14 Cass Ave Apt 4B

Holiday greetings

Easily contact all your former clients with a personalized holiday email during the holidays. Example: Former Client

Bringing order to the universe, one agent at a time

Real estate agents are entrepreneurs in the truest sense, and entrepreneurs are our heroes. We’ve built an easy-to-use yet boundlessly customizable CRM that’s integrated into every one of our functions, from forms and e-signatures to scheduling and more.


Manage your clients your way

Cribfox helps you send disclosure forms, e-signatures and email blasts en masse to any number or combination of your contacts from any device.

Web app

No app downloads. Control your business from any web browser on any device.


Call contacts directly from our web app, whether you’re on the go or at your desk.


Send a personalized email to one or one hundred contacts with one click.


Use Text, WhatsApp, Telegram, FaceTime or any messaging platform.
Photo collage of travelers of all types, from young adults to working professionals and even toddlers

Never miss another one of life’s precious moments because of the gruntwork. Streamline your workflows and take back control of your life.

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