The Best Real Estate Brokerage Software: A Comprehensive Review

The real estate brokerage industry is notoriously competitive, with a common saying that there’s always 1 person joining, 1 person staying, and one person joining at any given brokerage firm. With the advent of AI and ever more automation, the ability for Realtors to automate mundane tasks, manage client relationships, and streamline the transaction process underscores the importance of having the best real estate brokerage software.

This article delves into the characteristics of an ideal real estate broker software, and why CribFox stands out as the epitome of real estate brokerage software solutions in the U.S market. We’ll of course also explore some alternatives that didn’t win the title further down in the article.

The Blueprint for The Best Real Estate Broker Software

Great real estate broker software should be easy to use and relatively inexpensive for your everyday agent or small brokerage firm that doesn’t have access to either highly expensive custom software built in-house or costly enterprise solutions from large enterprise-focused software companies. Good real estate broker software should be constructed by teams with profound experience in real estate brokerage so that it can be tailored to the workflows of actual real estate agents to save them time. For instance, when it comes to sending disclosure forms or other commonly sent forms, and aiding them in easily and securely storing these documents for future reference and regulatory compliance.

Why Workflow Compatibility Matters

The real estate industry encompasses a variety of workflows, from managing listings, scheduling showings, to processing transactions. A software that understands and adapts to these workflows not only saves time but also reduces the hassle that comes with managing various aspects of the brokerage business. This is particularly crucial in situations that require swift adaptation, like the ongoing pandemic, which necessitated a more digitized approach to handling documents and client interactions.

Addressing Pressing Needs

Great real estate software like CribFox is crafted with the intricacies of real estate agents’ needs in mind. For instance, the pressing need for sending disclosure forms and other commonly used forms emerged as a significant concern during the pandemic. Real estate agents in New York City, for example, had to send not only COVID-19 disclosure forms but also health questionnaires for each showing. Anyone who has been through this process knows too well that this took up a lot of inbox space and blew up the email inboxes of everyone involved.

Simplifying Disclosure Forms

CribFox emerged as a lifesaver by enabling real estate agents to send pre-stocked disclosure forms with a single click to their contacts. The ability to bulk send multiple disclosure forms to multiple contacts not only simplified the process but also saved invaluable time. Moreover, the disclosure forms were automatically saved in their account, covering the agents in case a customer claimed they never received the form.

Streamlining Showing Management

Another area where CribFox excels is in aiding listing agents with highly in-demand listings, typically well-priced rental listings, by providing a showing management tool. This tool, known as a scheduler, helps listing agents manage their calendar for in-demand listings, allowing potential renters to book a showing time themselves. This feature is linked to and synced with the listing agents’ calendar. Additionally, customers are automatically sent disclosure forms, fulfilling the listing agents’ regulatory requirements seamlessly.

Seamless integration between features

Good real estate broker software should have features that seamlessly link together. In the case of CribFox, when a buyer or renter schedules a showing via the scheduler, not only is the customer automatically sent disclosure forms, but they are also added automatically to the agent user’s CRM. Beyond that, a tag is automatically created for their contact file with the address of the listing, enabling the agent user to easily search their contacts for anyone who has inquired about a previous listing in the future. This can be immensely beneficial in scenarios where an offer is fostered or there’s another listing update that the agent wishes to swiftly inform everyone who has inquired about that listing.

The digital transformation in the real estate sector is not a passing wave but a seismic shift. In this milieu, having the right software can be the linchpin for a real estate brokerage’s success. Among the myriad of software options available, stands out for its intuitive design, understanding of real estate workflows, and features that not only make the life of a real estate agent easier but also significantly more productive. The seamless integration of various features within CribFox underlines its position as the best real estate brokerage software in the U.S market, making it an indispensable tool for modern real estate professionals.


  • Pros:

    • User-Friendly: Known for its user-friendly interface which is crucial for seamless operations.

    • Document Management: Efficient document management and e-signature capabilities, which are essential in real estate transactions.

    • Real-Time Tracking: Provides real-time tracking of transactions which helps in keeping all stakeholders updated​​.

  • Cons:

    • Cost: Some users find Dotloop to be expensive especially for larger teams or brokerages.

    • Customization Limitations: Limited customization options compared to other platforms.

    • Mobile App: The mobile app is said to have fewer features than the desktop version.

Other Real Estate Software:

  1. Real Geeks:

    • Best for: All-around real estate software solution.

    • Features: Offers a wide range of features beneficial for both single agents and large agencies​.

  2. Zillow Premier Agent:

    • Best for: Generating new leads.

    • Features: Provides a platform for agents to connect with a large audience of buyers and sellers​​.

  3. Placester:

    • Best for: Building a realtor’s website.

    • Features: Offers website building and marketing solutions designed specifically for real estate professionals​​.

  4. Contactually:

    • Best for: Real Estate CRM (Customer Relationship Management).

    • Features: Helps in managing contacts and building relationships with clients​.

  5. Cloud CMA:

    • Best for: Comparative Market Analysis.

    • Features: Provides tools for creating comprehensive market analysis reports​.

  6. Spacio:

    • Best for: Open house tracking.

    • Features: Helps in capturing and nurturing leads from open houses​.

  7. Pro Agent Solutions Showing Pro:

    • Best for: Real estate showing management.

    • Features: Provides tools for scheduling and managing property showings​​.

Each of these software options has its unique strengths, but when it comes to an all-encompassing solution tailored to meet the precise needs of real estate agents and brokerages, CribFox stands out. Its ease of use, affordability, and the capability to handle various workflows efficiently make it an exemplary choice for real estate professionals. From managing disclosure forms to streamlining the showing process, CribFox is designed with a deep understanding of the real estate industry’s demands, providing a superior, integrated solution.

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