How Does the Jury Verdict in Class-Action Lawsuit Over Commissions Affect NYC Real Estate Agents?

How Does the Jury Verdict in Class-Action Lawsuit Over Commissions Affect NYC Real Estate Agents?

Understanding the Class-Action Lawsuit’s Impact

The real estate industry is abuzz with the recent jury verdict in the class-action lawsuit, Burnett (Sitzer), et al v NAR et al, which has significant implications for real estate commissions. The case, which resulted in a $1.78 billion award to home seller-plaintiffs, has raised questions among Real Estate Board of New York (REBNY) members about the future of their practices and the Residential Listing Service (RLS).

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REBNY members who participate in the RLS have expressed concerns regarding the verdict’s relevance to their operations. According to REBNY counsel, the verdict currently does not affect how REBNY members co-broke with each other or the administration of the RLS. It’s important to note that REBNY does not adhere to the rules that were under scrutiny in the lawsuit.

However, the National Association of Realtors (NAR) and the two remaining brokerages involved in the lawsuit are reported to be planning an appeal. This indicates that the case may see further developments, which REBNY will monitor closely, along with other similar cases across the country.

Implications for REBNY Members

While the jury’s decision does not directly impact REBNY members at this time, it is crucial for agents to stay informed about any changes to the Universal Co-Brokerage Agreement (UCBA). REBNY has recently implemented rule changes to the UCBA, effective January 1, 2024, aimed at increasing inventory, facilitating more transactions, and enhancing consumer confidence.

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NYC real estate agents must remain vigilant and adaptable as the industry navigates through these legal challenges. Staying updated with REBNY’s rules and understanding the broader legal landscape will be essential for agents to continue their practices without disruption.

The verdict serves as a reminder of the ever-evolving nature of real estate regulations and the importance of compliance and ethical conduct in the profession.

The jury verdict in the class-action lawsuit over real estate commissions has sent ripples through the industry, prompting NYC real estate agents to question the stability of their commission structures.

While the immediate effects on REBNY members are minimal, the situation underscores the necessity for agents to keep abreast of legal developments and adapt to changes within the industry’s regulatory framework.

As the case progresses, the real estate community will be watching closely to understand the full implications of this landmark decision.

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